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Common accessories used with galvanized anchor bolts include steel plates (both round and square), anchor sleeves (both plastic and steel pipe), and steel templates.


galvanized-plateSteel plates can be either round or square and serve two different purposes when being used with galvanized anchor bolts. The most common application of a steel plate is to be affixed to the embedded end of a galvanized anchor rod to provide pull-out resistance. These “anchor plates” are typically either welded to a nut and/or directly to the rod or are sandwiched between two nuts. The other application of steel plates is to use them as oversized washers, which will provide a large, smooth surface for the nut to turn against.

A36: The most common steel plate specification which uses standard, mild steel with a 36ksi minimum yield strength.

A572 Grade 50: Also a commonly specified steel plate grade with a 50ksi minimum yield strength.

F436: This is a hardened washer specification that is inadvertently called out for the anchor plates by engineers thinking of the plate as a washer. Portland Bolt can supply anchor plates meeting the requirements of F436, but it requires using a higher carbon steel and having the plate heat treated, tested, and stamped per ASTM. This increases both the cost and lead time.


Anchor sleevesAnchor Sleeves: Wilson and Contec are the two most common brands of plastic anchor bolt sleeves. Anchor sleeves slide onto the anchor bolts before they are set in concrete and create a pocket around the bolt that will allow for slight lateral adjustments when equipment bases, columns, or other structures are installed. Learn more about anchor sleeves at

Welded pipe anchor sleeveSteel Pipe Sleeves: Steel pipe sleeves are typically fabricated from schedule 40 pipe and A36 steel plate and function much the same as plastic sleeves. The advantage of steel pipe sleeves is that they can not only provide lateral adjustment but can sometimes be made to provide vertical adjustment as well. There is also a significant amount of flexibility with regard to size and length, whereas plastic sleeves are limited to one specific size per diameter of anchor bolt.


Bolt templateSteel templates are typically manufactured from A36 steel and serve the purpose of properly spacing and aligning a set of anchor bolts. Templates can be used both in the concrete where they may also provide pullout resistance, as well as above the concrete, where they are removed once the anchor bolts are set.